Quantitative Science

The modern field of Mechanical Engineering is becoming more and more heavily reliant on quantitative science (modeling and simulation) in order to meet the extremely rapid product development times now being demanded by industry. Accordingly, in an overall sense, the mechanical engineering program attempts to balance experimental, analytical modeling and simulation aspects of modern mechanical engineering. It is in this vein that the quantitative science requirement seeks to endow students with quantitative science skills to complement the intensive hands-on courses required in the upper division.  


The department requires that you take one of the technical elective courses must be taken from the quantitative science list below: 


You can also petition a course to count for the Quantitative Science requirement from the list at http://www.me.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/course-information/undergraduate-technical-electives (scroll all the way to the bottom).  Here are the applicable rules:


1.  QS courses have to be upper division.


2.  QS courses must be at least 3 units.


3.  Once a quant sci course is petitioned and approved, it will also count as an ME-Sponsored course.  That means you still get two more courses outside of ME automatically if you decide to petition a course from this list.


4.  12 of the 18 technical elective requirements have to be ME-Sponsored.  However, the ME Department will accept petitions for 1 additional course outside of the department to count towards your degree (for a maximum of 3 courses total).  These petitions are not guaranteed to be approved, however the chances of them getting approved is significantly higher if you choose from the list at http://www.me.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/course-information/undergraduate-technical-electives.  A QS taken outside of the department is taken into account for the maximum of three.



  • a.  If you have taken CHM ENG 170A, CHM ENG 170B, CHM ENG C170L and two of these have been petitioned and approved as part of your 18 tech electives by the department, you will not be able to then petition for an outside ME (regardless of the fact that is counted as a ME-sponsored course).


  • b.  In the case that you haven't completed any of your 18 units to date, if you wish to take MATH 189 this Fall and if your petition is approved, you will have 15 units left to take.  You could take 6 of those tech elective units outside of the department without a petition.