Design Course Transition

Continuing Students

Course Status Required
E10 Taken, E28 Not Taken E25 and E27
E10 Not Taken, E28 Taken E27
E10 and E28 Taken No additional requirements
E10 and E28 Not Taken E25, E26, and E27


Incoming Freshmen (as of Fall 2014)

All incoming students are required to take E25, E26, and E27 unless they've taken the equivalent of E28 at a different institution. If this is the case, please follow the guidelines for junior transfers below.


Incoming Junior Transfers

Course Status Required
Equivalent of E28* taken at transfer school (Eng 10 is waived for transfers) No additional requirements
(i.e. you don't have to take E25, E26, or E27)
E28 Taken at UC Berkeley, Fall 14 or before No additional requirements 
(i.e. you don't have to take E25, E26, or E27)
Equivalent of E28 not taken Must Take E25 and E27
Equivalents of E10 and E28 taken at transfer school* No additional requirements
(i.e. you don't have to take E25, E26, or E27)


*Junior transfer admits are exempt from Engin 26. Junior transfer admits who completed the equivalent of Engin 28 are exempt from the series (Engin 25, 26 and 27), unless their transfer institution has articulated equivalents for the series.  If you are unsure of what has been articulated, please contact your ESS adviser.


Important Notes

- The final offering for E10 was Spring 2014.

- The final offering of E28 will be Fall 2014.

- The initial offering of E25 will be Fall 2014 

- The initial offering of E26, and E27 will be Spring 2015.

- Students who have completed both E10 and E28 before Spring 2015 cannot take E25 or E26 for credit.


Our tentative future flowchart is located here.