Shop Training

Summer 2018 - Safety Orientation Training

The Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop is available for students who will be working on projects and research related to our academic mission. First scheduling priority will be given to our supported undergraduate courses.


If any student has not received the safety orientation training and needs to use the Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop this semester, they need to go through our safety orientation training in the early part of the semester. Students who have already been trained in the Mechanical Engineering Student Access Machine Shop prior to this semester are not required to go through the training again. Training in another shop or location does not qualify the individual to work in the ME shop.


Prospective users will need to visit the shop in 1166 Etcheverry Hall to schedule their orientation in person. Sign-ups will begin on Monday, June 4, 2018.


It is recommended that interested students sign up early. Training is on a first come-first served basis and the staff cannot guarantee a slot in the schedule for students who do not sign up early. The safety orientation training is for education and safety purposes and consists of five hours of in shop instruction/hands-on learning while covering safe work practices and machine tool competency. The five hours of safety orientation will be conducted within an eight hour work day.


The actual safety orientation training will occur during the period from Monday, June 11, 2018 through Friday, June 22, 2018 (start time is 8:00am) and all safety orientations must be completed by Friday June 22, 2018.


Please print out and read the Functional Abilities Statement of Understanding form, and send back your completed form to



The supported research group PI will need to submit a completed IOC form to cover the ME Student Access Machine Shop’s bi-annual Users Fee ($250 per person) along with their list of individuals wishing to participate in the safety orientation (please, maximum of five per group) to



In an attempt to expand our support to meet the needs of the MEng Capstones, Mechanical Engineering Faculty Sponsors please send an email to Scott McCormick at to discuss possible Student Shop access. We will make an attempt to accommodate requests dependent on the shop’s training workload demands for the summer.


Questions or concerns? Please contact Scott McCormick at