Classroom Reservations

Students and faculty who wish to make classroom reservations should contact the department scheduler, Isabel Blanco or, in her absence, Shareena Samson. Only the Student Services office staff in 6189 Etcheverry can make reservations.


Room Resources in Etcheverry Hall

1165 Etcheverry

Computer LCD Projector, overhead transparency

projector, VCR player, network jacks, blackboard


(Capacity: Conference Style, 49 Theatre Style)

1171 Etcheverry

Computer LCD Projector, wireless network access


(Capacity: Computer Lab, 30)

10 Jacobs Hall

Computer LCD Projector, wireless network access


(Capacity: Computer Lab, 50)



Etcheverry Breezeway, Rooftop and Weekend 3rd Floor Classroom Reservations

If you would like to reserve the Etcheverry breezeway, rooftop, or any of the 3rd floor classrooms for events on the weekend, please email the ME staff.


Staff members can click here to make reservations.