Yawo Dagbevi Akpawu
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
6189 Etcheverry, 510-642-5084

Assistant to the Vice-Chair of Graduate Studies. Professional academic counselor in all areas of academic advising to current graduate students and applicants to our graduate program. Assist students in interpreting policies and procedures regarding the preliminary and qualifying exams and progress towards completion of their degrees.


Isabel Blanco
Student Affairs Officer
6189 Etcheverry, 510-642-6780

Assistant to the Vice-Chair of Instruction and the Vice-Chair of Graduate Studies. Responsible for course scheduling and the coordination of the GSI/Reader hiring. Serves as the primary graduate student services adviser and admissions processor for the M. Eng and 5th year masters students/applicants. Advises prospective graduate students and assists with M.S., Ph.D. and bachelors student administrative tasks as needed.


Donna Craig
Director of Academic and Student Affairs
6187 Etcheverry, 510-642-5085

The Director of Academic and Student Affairs reports to the Department Manager and Vice-Chairs for Instruction and Graduate Study. In collaboration with the Department Manager and Vice-Chairs, the Director provides leadership and management direction within the area of Student Services.The Director is accountable for the following student services matters and responsibilities: admissions, recruitment, fellowships, block grant awards, scholarships, current student matters and advising, temporary budget, and class scheduling. The Director maintains undergraduate and graduate student statistics.


Shareena Samson
Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer, Equity and Diversity Staff Adviser
6193 Etcheverry, 510-642-4094

Assistant to the Vice-Chair of Instruction in all aspects of the Mechanical Engineering Instruction program e.g., advising activities, curriculum, course reports, textbooks, teaching records, course updates/changes, grades changes, teaching evaluations. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Levens and Jarret Award. Announcement and Berkeley Bulletin updates. ABET, Cal Day, Undergraduate Orientation and Annual Commencement reception.




Debra Chin
Academic HR Supervisor
6137 Etcheverry, 510-642-5867

Serves as the Academic HR Supervisor and Liaison for all matters of academic personnel management and administration for the ME Department. Assists the Department Chair, Manager, and Committees in formulating short- and long-range plans involving the academic personnel needs of the Department. Oversees and facilitates the academic personnel process for all academic titles including ladder rank faculty, adjunct appointments, emeritus, recall, professors of the graduate school, lecturers and joint appointments. Manages the faculty recruitment process. Coordinates and processes faculty summer salary appointments. Monitors award announcements, organizes material, and manages submissions for faculty awards. Contact for Human Capital Management (HCM) and APBears transactions for academic personnel.

Victoria Garcia
Department Manager (Admin)
6145 Etcheverry, 510-642-1339

The Department Manager reports to the Chair and is the highest-ranking non-academic authority in the Department and is responsible for performing the highest level of administrative and policy analysis on a broad range of issues for the Chair. Independently responsible for the overall administration of the Department, the Manager provides leadership and management direction within Mechanical Engineering. The Manager is accountable for the following major areas of responsibility: Managerial Leadership, Strategic Planning, Budget & Finance, Academic Administration (including Student Services), Technical & Instructional Support (including IT), Human Resources & Administrative Management, Space & Facilities, and Special Programs.


Emily Higgins

Executive Assistant to the Chair 

Communications Specialist
6141 Etcheverry, 510-642-1338

Provides general administrative support to the Chair, Manager and Department, and oversees the general operation of the Main Department Office. Acts as the primary receptionist for the Department and responds to general departmental inquiries, as well as manages the Department Chair's calendar. Responsible for marketing, internal and external relations, website management, department newsletter, and various public relations activities.


Irma Paz-Viray
Shipping & Receiving/Faculty Support
2120 Etcheverry, 510-642-4585



Melissa C. Varian
Academic Personnel Analyst
6139 Etcheverry, 510-643-7984

Serves as HCM administrator and department contact for staff personnel including, career, limited, work-study and other student appointments. Benefits counselor for staff and student employees.



Sheila Caguiat
Financial Cluster Specialist
6195 Etcheverry, 510-642-3459

Responsible for all financial transactions for the three departments which comprise the financial cluster.  Performs BFS reviewer duties as appropriate.  Insures that all documents are in compliance with Department, College and Campus policies and procedures.   Analyzes and resolves non-routine accounting problems.  Creates monthly status reports for faculty, and provides data to Analyst for additional reports as required by Chair, MSO, and faculty.   Serves as primary liaison to department personnel, other campus departments and outside vendors. Analyzes department telecommunications and photocopy records for reports to faculty for annual administrative assessments. Oversees preparation of all required monthly payroll transactions for salaried and hourly paid faculty/staff/students.  Researches and resolves all payroll problems.Complete responsibility for the Business Office internal operation.


Johnny Molina
Financial Cluster Manager
6195 Etcheverry, 510-643-6159

Plans, organizes and implements all policies and procedures concerned with the financial operations of the departments of Mechanical, Nuclear and Industrial Engineering and Organization Research. Provides direction and guidance to the chairman and senior administrative managers of the three departments. Manages all financial cluster activities.



Ana Preza-Gregg
Financial Cluster Specialist
6195 Etcheverry, 510-664-7279





Tracy Siira
Administrative Assistant to Professor Xiang Zhang
3112 Etcheverry, 510-642-0390


Dan Chapman
Senior Artist
2111 Etcheverry, 510-301-0284





Dan Essley
Facilities/Project Manager
6171 Etcheverry, 510-642-7789
510-332-8734 (cell)



Brien Angelo

Senior Lab Mechanician
1166 Etcheverry, 510-642-4006


Ben Barron
R&D Engineer II
121 Hesse Hall, 510-664-9107

Finsen Chiu
DECF Systems Administrator
1109A Etcheverry

Tom Clark
R&D Engineer II

121 Hesse Hall, 510-664-9107

Jacob Gallego
Senior Lab Mechanician
1166 Etcheverry, 510-642-4006


Jeff Higginbotham
Senior Lab Mechanician
1166 Etcheverry, 510-642-4006


Alex Jordan
Principal Lab Mechanician
31 Hesse, 510-642-3427


Dennis Lee
Principal Lab Mechanician
1166 Etcheverry Hall, 510-642-4006

Jesse Lopez
Senior Lab Mechanician
1166 Etcheverry Hall, 510-642-4006


Scott G. McCormick
R&D Engineering Manager

1166 Etcheverry Hall, 510-642-3314

31 Hesse, 510-642-3427

Cell Phone: 510-599-4293


Michael Neufer
Principal Lab Mechanician
31 Hesse, 510-642-3427


Rene Viray
Programmer Analyst IV
2113 Etcheverry, 510-643-0873