Registration Forms

The most common of the registration forms are the following:

- Confirmation of Class Schedule (For Doctoral Students Only)

Confirmation of Class Schedule (For Standard Master's Only)

- Confirmation of Class Schedule (For 5th Year BS/MS Students only)

- Confirmation of Class Schedule (For MEng Students Only)

- Petition to Change Class Schedule (ME "Add/Drop Form")


Graduate Division Forms Website

Masters Degree-Specific Forms

- Application for Candidacy for Master's Degree (Plan 1)

- Application for Candidacy for Master's Degree (Plan 2)

- Application for Candidacy for Master of Engineering Degree (M.Eng)

- Application for Candidacy fo 5 Year BS/MS Degree

- Title Page Template for the Masters Report

- 5 Year BS/MS Oral Examination Form

- Library Permission Form (Plan 1)

- Library Permission Form (Plan 2)


PhD Degree-Specific Forms

- Application for Candidacy to the Doctorate Degree (Plan B)

- Program of Study for Doctoral Candidates in Mechanical Engineering

- Graduate Student Verification Form

- Application for Qualifying Examination

- Report to the Graduate Division on the Qualifying Examination

  (For information regarding Voting Procedures, please see the attachment above.)

- PhD Candidate Seminar


General Forms

- Backdate of Graduate Standing

Fellowship Applications and Deadlines

- Filing Fee Application

- Graduate Petition to Transfer Courses

Graduate Appeal Procedure Form

GSI and Reader Application Forms

Preliminary Exam Application (for MS Candidate Only)

Request for Change in Higher Degree Committee

- Request for Certificate of Degree Completion

- Request for Exception Form (for non-academic Senate member to serve on Higher Degree Committee)

​- More Graduate Appeal Procedure Information