UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering Master of Engineering (MEng) program combines breadth of topics in business and engineering management applied to depth of study in one of seven departments, including Mechanical Engineering. The Berkeley MEng integrates engineering coursework with classes in leadership and core management concepts. Students tackle actual industry challenges through case studies and your capstone project.


> Full-time, 9 month program

> Part-time, 2-4 year decelerated option


“The Berkeley MEng helped grow my leadership skills and deepen my technical background in mechanical engineering. The management skills are especially helpful to those that desire an industry role.” - Sahil Kudroli, ME: Modeling and Simulation of Physical Processes and Systems ‘17


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following concentrations:

> Energy Science & Technology

> Advanced Controls

> Modeling & Simulation

> Product Design

Energy Science and Technology

Provides you with both technical and business foundations in energy engineering sciences and their potential applications in leading edge technologies, in fields such as advanced combustion, nanoscale energy conversion, and large scale renewable energy systems.


Coursework offerings vary year by year, and may include:

Mech Eng 235 – Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems

Mech Eng 246 – Advanced Energy Conversion Principles

Mech Eng 250A – Conductive and Radiative Transport

Mech Eng 250B – Convective Transport and Computational Methods

Mech Eng 254 – Thermodynamics

Mech Eng 255 – Advanced Combustion Processes

Mech Eng 258 – Heat Transfer with Phase Change

Mech Eng 259 – Microscale Thermophysics and Heat Transfer

Mech Eng 292C – Advanced Special Topics in Design - “Human-Centered Design Methods”


Advanced Controls

You will gain experience adapting control system engineering to today's highly complex machines, that rely on networks of sensors, actuators and embedded controls to operate safely and effectively.  This concentration immerses you in the design and application of advanced controls systems, with numerous cutting edge applications such as self-driving cars, drones, aerospace systems, and robotics for manufacturing and human assistance.


Coursework offerings vary year by year, and may include:

Mech Eng C231A – Experiential Advanced Control Design I
Mech Eng C231B – Experiential Advanced Control Design II
Mech Eng C232 – Advanced Control Systems I
Mech Eng 233 – Advanced Control Systems II
Mech Eng 235 – Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Systems
Mech Eng 237 – Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Mech Eng 292B – Advanced Special Topics in Controls (Reimagining Mobility: Design Exploration and Research)


Modeling & Simulation

Provides you with the sophisticated mathematical modeling skills to lead the design and manufacture of advanced devices and systems across all sectors and industries. You will gain experience creating the tools that are used in an array of power generation technologies, manufacturing, and automotive industries, among others.


Coursework offerings vary year to year. but may include:

Mech Eng C201 - Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Manufacturing Processes (REQUIRED)

Mech Eng C223 - Polymer Engineering

Mech Eng 280A - Introduction to the Finite Element Method

Mech Eng 287 - Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Mech Eng 290 D - Solid Modeling and CAD/CAM Fundamentals

Mech Eng 292 C - Advanced Special Topics in Design - "Human-Centered Design Methods"


Product Design

Theories, methods, and practice of design. Enables you to create, design, develop, and market new and innovative products to meet the needs of consumers from all backgrounds and requirements, including sustainability. You gain skills in communicating with and assessing the needs of the user/customer, prototyping and evaluating potential designs with respect to the performance specifications and requirements and insuring safe operation, economical production, and reduced energy and resource consumption as well as environmental impact.


Coursework offerings vary year by year, but may include:

Mech Eng C205 - Critical Making

Mech Eng C223 - Polymer Engineering

Mech Eng 229 - Design of Basic Electro-Mechanical Devices

Mech Eng 231A - Experiential Advanced Control Design I

Mech Eng 235 - Design of Microprocessor-Based Mechanical Engineering

Mech Eng 290KA - Innovation Through Design Thinking

Mech Eng 290KB - Life Cycle Thinking

Mech Eng 290P - New Product Development

Mech Eng 290U - Interactive Device Design

Mech Eng 292A - Advanced Special Topics in Bioengineering - "Hacking for Impact" (New Class)

Mech Eng 292C – Advanced Special Topics in Design - “Human-Centered Design Methods”


“One of the best decisions I've made so far in terms of my professional development!” - Emma Guerra, ME: Product Design ‘17


Career Placements

Recent graduates from the Mechanical Engineering MEng program have been hired at:

Apple Haxis Labs Shell
Applied Materials HP Space Systems Loral
BAE Systems Intuitive Surgical TEC Systems
Bio-Rad Lockheed Martin Tesla
Bosch Motorola Western Digital
Delphi Labs Silicon Valley RoboTerra & many more...
Energy Solutions Sandia National Labs  
General Motors Schlumberger  


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