4.4 Withdrawn Students

For instructions on how to withdraw from study, please see the Guide to Graduate Policy Section D1.8


Withdrawn Students

  • - May not take classes 
  • - May not graduate 
  • - Must pay for the Recreation and Sports Facilities (RSF) 
  • - Must pay for GSHIP (Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan) - Memo from Department to GSHIP stating student is was in good standing when s/he left the department required each semester.
  • - Must pay for library card 
  • - Cannot hold GSR or GSI appointment 
  • - May be Junior Specialist or Reader - International students see SISS (Services for International Students and Scholars) first 
  • - May take Prelim Exam with permission of Vice Chair of Graduate Study and Chair of Prelim Committee 
  • - May not take Qualifying Exam 
  • - Must apply for readmission. No guarantee that student will be accepted back into the program. Please note that there is a reapplication fee.


For information about how to apply for readmission please see Section 8.3.