2.1 Student Services Office

The Student Services Office provides information and resources that are intended to assist students during their studies and to clarify some of the necessary bureaucratic demands of the Graduate Division by acting as a liaison. It is easy to confuse the roles of this office versus those of the Graduate Division. 


The Graduate Division is responsible for:


- Enforcing university regulations for all departments on campus

- Approving petitions

- Administering most fellowships 

- Informing the Department when a student is not maintaining the required GPA. 


Graduate Division has the official word on whether a student has completed all the degree requirements for graduation. The Graduate Division is also in charge of admission to the University. They can withhold admission if any documents (i.e.: transcripts, application fee, etc.) are not in order. They can also deny admission to anyone who does not meet the Graduate Division admission requirements, even though the department has recommended admission. 


The Student Services Office is responsible for:


- Processing admission applications

- Processing petitions, forms, and information regarding degree requirements to the Graduate Division and College of Engineering for approval

- Maintaining student records

- Assigning Graduate Advisors (also known as Major Field Advisers or MFAs)

- Awarding fellowships

- Arranging and administering the Preliminary and Qualifying Exams

- Processing GSI, Reader, and some GSR appointments

- Advising students on progress towards the completion of their degrees


In general, the Student Services Office acts as a resource for information and/or referral to other University organizations when appropriate. 


Please note that our office comes quite hectic from January through March due to application processing, which has strict deadlines that must be met. Though we will endeavor to help you with any requests you may have in a prompt and efficient manner, we would greatly appreciate your patience during this time period.