Fluid Dynamics at Berkeley

Welcome to the home page for Graduate Study in Fluid Dynamics at the University of California at Berkeley.


Relevant departments, faculty, courses and research



Eugene Chiang


Astro 202: Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Astro 250: Order of Magnitude Physics



Amy Herr

Dorian Liepmann


Chemical Engineering

Susan Muller


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alexandre M. Bayen

Fotini Katopodes Chow
Garrison Sposito

Mark Stacey

Evan Variano


Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology Laboratory


CE101 Fluid Mechanics of Rivers, Streams, and Estuaries


CE 200A Environmental Fluid Mechanics   

CE 200B Numerical methods for environmental flow modeling

CE 200C Transport and Mixing in the environment

CE291f (also ME236, EE291e) Control and optimization of distributed systems

and partial differential equations

Earth & Planetary Science

Bruce Buffett

Michael Manga

EPS 236 Geological Fluid Mechanics
EPS 108 Geodynamics


Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Dennis Baldocchi

ESPM 129 Biometeorology
ESPM 228 Advanced Topics in Micrometeorology and Biometeorology


Joel Fajans
Edgar Knobloch


Alexandre J. Chorin

Per-Olof Persson
James Sethian

Jon Wilkening

Math 211 Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Math 228AB Numerical solutions of Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations
Math 275 Topics in Applied Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

Stanley Berger
Dorian Liepmann
Philip Marcus
Stephen Morris
Omer Savas
Andrew Szeri
Ronald Yeung


ME 106 Fluid Mechanics

ME 163 Engineering Aerodynamics

ME 164 Marine Statics and Structures

ME 165 Ocean-Environment Mechanics

ME 166 Fluid Mechanics of Biological Systems

ME 167 Microscale Fluid Mechanics


ME C213 Fluid Mechanics of Biological Systems

ME 241A  Marine Hydrodynamics I - Boundary-Layer Flow, Momentum Theory  and Wave Resistance

ME 241B  Marine Hydrodynamics II - Motion in Infinite Fluid, Wave-Body  Interaction, Wave Energy

ME243 - Advanced Methods in Free-Surface Flows (Analytical and  Computational)

ME 260A Advanced Fluid Mechanics I

ME 260B Advanced Fluid Mechanics II

ME 260D Advanced Fluid Mechanics IV

ME 262 Theory of Fluid Sheets and Fluid Jets

ME 263 Turbulence

ME 266 Dynamics and Stability of Engineering and Geophysical Flows

with Rotation, Convection, or Waves

ME 267 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics

ME C268 Physicochemical Hydrodynamics

Nuclear Engineering

Per Peterson

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