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Nathanael Chang

ME '08

Favorite part of working in the lab: Figuring out how to make things work.

Dawn Kim


Monica Tanza

Monica is a second year mechanical engineer. She is currently an officer in SWE, Pi Tau Sigma and IAESTE. She is hoping to travel and to get involved with sustainable product design after graduation.

Derek Xie

I am a Sophomore EECS major and my hobbies include tennis, computers, politics, and the video game Counter Strike (CS from now on). You might wonder why I might say CS as a hobby. After all, it's not a very impressive fact. Well, when I was a freshman, I was in E28, and Prof. Lieu said 3D shooting games will enhance one's 3D visualization skill, essential to Mechanical Engineers. So I started playing, got addicted, wasted countless hours of my life on it, and then dragged my roommate into it too. Before playing CS, I had a bit of interest in pistols and rifles, and once I started playing the game I am hooked.

Now imagine my delight on hearing that Prof. Lieu is recruiting people for his ballistics lab! It's a perfect match almost. So I joined and now here I am.



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