ME C219/EE246 Spring 2011

Parametric and Optimal Design of MEMS


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Parametric design and optimal design will be applied to MEMS, with an emphasis on design and -not- on fabrication. The format of the course will be oriented toward design projects. The student will learn to rigorously formulate MEMS design problems analytically and then determine the correct dimensions of MEMS structures so that the specified function is achieved. The formulation will allow the student to trade off various performance requirements and thereby develop a rational design compromise solution when faced with conflicting design requirements. A variety of MEMS structures will be treated in this class, including flexure systems, accelerometers and rate sensors. A variety of design and optimization methods (e.g. Monotonicity Analysis, Steepest Decent, Conjugate Gradient and Genetic Algorithms) will be reviewed as numerical and analytical approaches to design. This course presumes the student is already familiar with a variety of basic MEMS fabrication processes.

Prerequisite: ME 119 and ME C218 / EE C245 are highly recommended (but not mandatory) prerequisites.


4 projects.


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