At its heart, the study of dynamics is the study of motion. Whether this motion involves automobiles, aircraft or the change of economic indicators, dynamics can be used effectively to gain insight and understanding.

We address a range of topics, including dynamical systems theory, vehicle dynamics, bubble dynamics, computer simulation of dynamical systems, vibration and modal analysis, acoustics and acoustic control, and the development of efficient computational methods. Our research synthesizes numerics, experiments and theory, allowing researchers to address fundamental questions while staying aware of real life limitations.

The Department provides a variety of graduate courses that prepare students for research and development work here and in their professional careers. Courses are offered in linear and nonlinear dynamics, deterministic and random vibrations, and continuous systems.

Primary faculty members in Dynamics are Professors F. Ma, A. E. Mansour, O. M. O'Reilly, A. J. Szeri, and B. H. Tongue.

Professor Tongue is the Major Field Advisor for Dynamics for the 2012-2013 Academic Year

Faculty with research interests that closely relate to dynamics issues include Professors D. B. Bogy, J. Casey, J. K. Hedrick, R. Horowitz, H. Kazerooni, and M. Tomizuka.


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